Nick & Kenzie’s California Cliffs Elopement

September 28, 2023

Nick and Kenzie’s intimate elopement among the California cliffs was a beautifully authentic and timeless celebration of their love. The setting itself was enchanting, with the rugged coastal cliffs and the remains of the historic baths providing a dramatic backdrop to their special day!!

The couple’s decision to elope lent an air of intimacy and genuine connection to the event. There were no extravagant decorations or elaborate setups; it was just Nick, Kenzie, and the natural beauty of their surroundings. The simplicity of their choice highlighted the realness of their love, and it was evident in every moment.

Throughout the day, they just wanted to have so much fun!! The love between them was infectious, and every smile, every laugh, and every stolen glance was captured with a genuine and heartfelt spirit. Even when there was a light sprinkle of rain during their ceremony, it only added to the authenticity of the day. Nick and Kenzie embraced the rain with laughter and a sense of adventure, creating some of the most memorable moments of their elopement!!

Their intimate elopement at the Sutro Baths was more than perfect for Nick and Kenzie!! It was a day that will be remembered for its breathtaking scenery and the genuine, unfiltered moments of love and connection that Nick and Kenzie shared, captured forever in their timeless and candid photos!!

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