My goal for every session is to be able to capture the emotion behind the photos because I feel that it represents every couple so well. I like to have fun, do something adventurous and unique, and I love that I can have a great time with every client I work with. I am here to serve you in the best way I can, so whatever that looks like for you I am completely on board to create something you can dream about.

All about the emotion behind the lens

I started pursuing photography casually when I was about 17 years old. It was really casual and something that I didn’t take very seriously at the time. A few years later during my freshman year of college, I began taking it much more seriously. I started with a lot of families in my area and then eventually found a love for photographing couples and dreamed about being a wedding photographer.

After a lot of hard work, learning, practicing, and reaching out to photographers that I admire I finally started to really get into the wedding industry and see the future of where my business could take me! I love every single moment and couldn’t imagine doing anything else.

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Central Europe



New York




I love to laugh, so expect a lot of laughter during sessions with me!

jet setter


Traveling is one of my favorite things to do, the best part for me is exploring beautiful places that are not your typical tourist spots. I also enjoy the planning, travel to and from places, and everything in between.



I am a Christian and love to be involved with ministry. I take photos for my church often and I enjoy being able to show the emotion and community behind each photo.

Let's get loose


I enjoy using prompts more rather than posing when I am at a session. I think this does a better job of conveying the emotions behind photos and that is always one of my goals.

Beach Gal


I love the ocean and could lay on the beach forever as it is easily one of my favorite things to do.

Sydney & Dillon

Courtney & Thaius

Micro Wedding, Minneapolis Minnesota

Engagement, Minneapolis - Minnesota

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